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What is DPF Removal?

What is DPF Removal?

DPF Removal or DPF Delete is the process of actually removing the DPF out of a vehicle and since 2014 has been an off-road solution only. The reason for this is, so it complies with air pollution regulations.


Effects on the MOT


DPF removal can result in your vehicle failing it’s MOT. During the MOT the vehicle is visually inspected for the presence of the DPF, if the DPF is seen to be absent, then the vehicle will fail its MOT due to the regulations. If your vehicle is intended for off-road use, then this is not a problem.




A DPF removal improves the vehicle’s performance, power and fuel economy. The reason why most people go through the removal is it saves them a large amount of money on having the DPF replaced.


Problems that may lead to needing a DPF removal


The problems with the DPF are caused when soot and ash block the DPF and cannot be burned off. Failing to sort these problems can lead to damage to the filtration device.


Other solutions


Other solutions that are alternative to DPF removal are cleaning, restoration and even a replacement DPF.


For any more information on DPF Removal in Luton or other DPF services, then please feel free to contact GB Autotech.

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