Caring For Your Car This Winter

Caring For Your Car This Winter

Just like us, car’s need looking after during Winter. As the days and nights get colder, it can have effects on your vehicle. The battery may struggle and occasionally may need to be jump started. Your windscreen is also likely to freeze over each morning. If you find that your car is struggling as the weather gets colder, then car servicing in Luton can help! They have experienced mechanics who will service your vehicle to ensure that all aspects of it work properly.


Have Grippy Tyres

Tyres are very grippy, in particular on dry roads. However, as the weather gets damper and the temperature drops, the roads become very slippy. If your tyres are well-used and worn out, then you may benefit from having them replaced. This will improve the safety of the car and the safety of others.


Get Brakes Checked

As Winter approaches, slippy roads are going to become more common. Make sure that your brakes pads aren’t worn out and that they are working efficiently. A professional mechanic in Luton will check your car’s brakes and let you know if they need replacing or if they’re safe.


Carry Antifreeze and an Ice Scraper

If you’re an early riser, a frozen windscreen will be no surprise to you. Cold weather causes moisture to freeze across the windows on your car, impairing your vision. During Winter, you may find that you benefit from having antifreeze and an ice scraper in your vehicle; allowing you to see clearly before you drive.   


Checks Lights

Lights are an all year round essential; you can’t pass your MOT if you don’t have fully functioning lights. However, in the Winter when the days get darker sooner, and weather conditions are worse than summer, it is essential to ensure your car’s lights are working properly.


Learn How to Jump-Start The Engine

Knowing how to jump-start the engine in a car is a life skill. You never know when you will be needed to jump-start your engine or someone else’s. In the Winter when the weather is colder, it is more likely that you will be required to jump start your car. Some engine’s struggle in cold weather and often need a boost.

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Looking After Your Car’s Engine

Looking After Your Car’s Engine

Cars are a saving grace sometimes. They help us get from one place to another!

Occasionally, cars need some tender loving care. A mechanic in Luton will look at your car to make sure that it is working as it should, or if it needs anything fixed.


Fill Up with The Correct Fuel

This may sound stupid, but it’s easily done. Filling up your engine with the wrong fuel can have negative effects on the fuel system, especially if not dealt with appropriately. A combination of fuels such as petrol and diesel can contaminate the entire system. The mix reduces lubricant and if you turn your engine on it will then circulate the mix throughout the engine, causing further contamination.


Don’t Leave it too Late to Fill Up

Leaving it too late to refuel your car can have effects on the engine. As we drive our cars around, sediment begins to build up at the bottom of the engine over time. Letting the tank get too low will result in that sediment being filtered through the engine, potentially damaging it.


Stay on Top of Warning Lights

As soon as warning lights appear on the dashboard in your car, be sure to get them checked out! This may sound obvious; however, they often get ignored. Ignoring them can potentially result in your vehicle being damaged further. The main light to get checked out is your ‘check engine light’. Should this light come on, be sure to get it checked out to ensure nothing’s wrong.  


Be Aware of Leaks

Leaks are never a good thing. Ensure that you look out for unusual smells or visual leaks. There are commonly six fluids that can leak from your vehicle. They are the engine oil, transmission fluids, brake fluid, water, coolant and power steering fluid. Should you notice any leak, it can be beneficial to get it checked out to prevent damage to your vehicle. If you see a leak, car servicing in Luton will be able to help as their professional mechanics will find the cause and stop it from reoccurring.


Change The Oil and Filter

The oil in the car keeps engine parts well lubricated causing them to work efficiently and stop them from overheating. It is suggested that you change your oil around every 5,000 miles. Your car’s manual is likely to hold information about how regularly you should change your oil and the filter. When changing the oil, it’s recommended that you also change the oil filter. The filter collects dirt and debris and over time will begin to block. Changing the oil and filter at the same time will allow the engine to run smoothly and keep it cool.

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Making Your Car Your Own

Making Your Car Your Own

Getting a new car is always so exciting as it’s something new to play with and show your friends and family. Once it’s yours, you are going to want to make it your own and personalise it in any way you can.

If you want to get some upgrades to your engine, then a mechanic in Luton will offer you a professional service and remap your car. Giving your vehicle a stronger performance and more power.



Window tinting is one of the most popular upgrades to do to a car. It offers more privacy and an increased amount of security. It isn’t overly expensive to have done and will make your car feel more like your own.



Found the perfect car for you but don’t like the colour? Not a problem, wrap it! Wrapping your vehicle will protect the original paintwork from scratches. As the wrap is temporary, it will keep the original paint underneath allowing it to be perfect for resale, should you sell it on in the future.



A remap will allow your car to drive a lot smoother. It will increase the power of the car and will improve your miles per gallon further improving your fuel efficiency. Similarly to a wrap, a remap is not permanent and can be taken off if the original file has been kept. Therefore, if you want to boost the performance of your car, then car remapping in Luton have trained professionals who will remap your car, making it more efficient.


New Tyres

When you buy a new car, you want to make sure that everything is working to the best of its ability. Often this can require getting new tyres for the feel of it all being new. New tyres will be significantly more grippy than older ones however they can be quite pricey.  



Don’t forget the inside of the car! Get seats for the car that will both suit your personality and suit the car’s design/style. Making the car, your own will make it more identifiable and will offer you the chance to own a car you have always wanted.


Personalised Number Plate

Got your eye on a number plate you like? Register your car to a new number plate and have the vehicle that you’ve always dreamed of. Making your car perfect from interior to exterior.



Some cars don’t have the best quality speakers but luckily they are easy to upgrade should you want to. Get high quality speakers that will give you a much clearer sound when you are listening to your favourite songs.


5 Points to Look at When Getting Insurance

5 Points To Look At When Getting Insurance

Sorting out your insurance will allow you to drive your car safely and legally. If you are unsure of the model of your car or whether it has been remapped then a mechanic in Luton will be able to assist and give you as much information as they can.


Know Your Mileage

When you get insurance, you need to look at the how many miles you do. This will enable you to work out how many miles you’re likely to do in a week – including small trips to school, work or the shops. Once you have the weekly mileage, multiply it by 4 to get the monthly mileage and the by 12 to get your estimated year mileage. Having a clear understanding of how many miles you’re likely to do will help with your insurance – the more miles you do, the more expensive it will be.


Reasons for Driving

Understanding your reasons for driving will give you an idea of how much your insurance will be. The further you travel (therefore, the more miles you do), the more expensive your insurance is likely to be. Your reasons may be commuting, business trips/meetings or school trips.  


Drivers on The Insurance

You may find it beneficial to take into account who is going to be driving the car. Bear in mind each driver and understand if they’ve had previous claims, if they have, then the insurance will be more expensive with them on it. As well as who will be on it, it helps to state who the main driver will be. The main driver will be the person who is using the car the most often.


Previous Claims and Convictions

It’ll be to your advantage if you tell the insurance company if you have had any previous convictions or if you have claimed on the insurance before. Lying about your claims or convictions can get you in trouble, so it’s best, to be honest. The claims and convictions will just help the insurance company work out the coverage best suited for you.

Modification to Your Car

If you have played around with your vehicle and made it your own, you may benefit from informing the insurance company. This can include things such as tinting the windows, painting the car or engine changes. If you have your vehicle remapped, it is best to inform the insurance company. However, if you haven’t had it remapped and want to get it done then ECU remapping in Luton will be able to help and professionally remap your car.

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What is Included in a Car Service?

What Is Included In A Car Service?

Car servicing in Luton do a thorough service that covers every aspect of the car. By covering all areas, it allows the mechanic to be clear on whether the car is safe for road use. You should have your vehicle serviced on an annual basis just to ensure that all concepts of the engine are functional.


In a full service, the entire car is checked and its categorised into eleven sections.



Within the engine, there are multiple areas that the mechanic needs to look at. They’ll look at the oil (check it’s not leaking), the coolant (check it’s sealed and not leaking), check the radiator works and all filters are clean. In petrol engines, the spark plugs are often replaced.



Check the fuel cap seals, replace the fuel filter and ensure that the fuel lines are shown and visible.  


Drive System

The mechanic will make sure that the clutch and gearbox are working and fluids will be topped up if necessary.  



The horn is checked along with exterior and dashboard lights, after this a mechanic will inspect the effectiveness of the starter motor.  


Steering and Suspension

Ensure that the steering and suspension work efficiently and isn’t corroding. Look at the wheel bearings and do a shock absorber bounce test.



Look at the exhaust system and make sure that all components are present and that there are no leaks, unnecessary noises or excessive amounts of smoke.



Inspection of brake pads and callipers, the hydraulic system and pipes to make sure they are no leaks. The mechanic will do tests on the security of the handbrake and top up brake fluid should it be required.


Tyres and Wheels

The mechanic will look at the tread depth, tyre size, pressure and tyre balance. All this will be done for the spare tyre too, ensuring it’s in working condition for an emergency.



The front and rear windscreens are checked for chips, and to make sure the wipers work, and the cleaning fluid is topped up. Mirrors and number plates are looked at as well to make sure they can be seen clearly.



A mechanic will check the seat belts fasten properly and their emergency lock kicks in when necessary. The doors will also be looked at to ensure that the hinges are properly lubricated, and the doors lock when required.



Road tests will be carried out, and finally, the service light is reset so that it can indicate a service again in a year.


Garage in Luton will do a professional service of the car and should anything need repairing it’ll be fixed to ensure optimum road safety.

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MOT Failures

MOT Failures

Cars are required to go for an MOT test annually to ensure that it’s safe for the road. However, often a car will fail its MOT and leave the owner confused as to what to do next. The process is simple, and an MOT in Luton will be able to service your car and talk you through any complications if necessary.


What To Do if Your Car Fails its MOT

The whole MOT process is to check how your vehicle is doing and ensure that the car is operating correctly. An MOT test will exclude the inspection of the engine, clutch and the gearbox. This is because an MOT isn’t a car service and therefore doesn’t check its mechanical condition. The MOT is only concerned about the fundamentals in the car such as the lights, exhaust and tyres.


Five of the most common MOT failures are listed below.  


Common failures:

  • Lights – Headlights, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, Indicators
  • Tyre Tread Depth
  • Exhaust System
  • Mirrors
  • Windscreen Wipers


These are the most common failures as they are the most likely to break. Each can be very dangerous if not working properly. For example, broken windscreen wipers will result in your view being restricted if it’s raining.    


Once your car has been looked at the engineer will then inform you about your vehicle and if there is anything that is wrong with it. In the unfortunate circumstance that something isn’t working as it should in your vehicle, then the engineer will let you know after inspection and ask your permission to fix it.   

You will not be able to drive the car until the issues have been fixed otherwise it will be illegal to have on the roads.  

Once the failed areas have been fixed, it is a good idea to book a retest as soon as you can. This will enable you to know that your car is fully legal to drive and there’s nothing more that needs fixing.  


If you are looking for a car service after your MOT, then car servicing in Luton will examine your vehicle and let you know if it’s operating as it should or if it needs a bit of repair.

Get in touch with us today to book your MOT and car service!

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How to Improve your MPG

How To Improve Your MPG

Having a high miles per gallon is so much better for your car, and it allows you to save a significant amount of money on fuel, making your car more efficient! There are physical things you can do to your vehicle that will improve the MPG. Car remapping in Luton will tune your vehicle to make it more energy and economically efficient.

Lighten the Load

A heavy car will weigh it down resulting in the car having to work harder in order to reach the required speeds. If it has to work harder, it uses up a lot of fuel unnecessarily. A way around this would be to remove any irrelevant and unneeded items from your car.     


Properly Inflate Tyres

Ensure that your tyre pressure is correct and if you think the car feels a bit different, get your tyres checked again. Under-inflated tyres will result in the engine needing to use more fuel to allow it to move. Being under-inflated by ten psi per tyre can significantly lower your mpg. 


Use Cruise Control

Cruise control is a wonderful little gadget in some modern cars that allows you to pick a maximum speed. With cruise control on, it won’t allow you to exceed that speed no matter how much you push the accelerator. Cruise control will help you keep a steady speed, avoiding any random accelerations and reduce excessive fuel consumption.  


Check the Condition of the Engine Air Filter

When driving, dust from the road can be picked up and will start clogging up the engines air filter. With the filter having dust build up it will reduce the efficiency of the car further requiring it to work harder than usual. Avoid dusty roads and monitor the filter to keep it clean and maintain the car running smoothly. If you want to make sure that your engine’s air filter is clean, book in with a mechanic in Luton to check it out.


Try to Avoid Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a luxury in the summer however it can also be quite expensive. Using the air conditioning will cool down your car efficiently, but it will use up a fair amount of fuel due to it having to work harder to produce cold air. Take this into account when you’re driving in hot seasons, think if you’re driving at high speeds maybe have the windows down, so the car doesn’t have to work as hard.


Accelerate Smoothly

Smooth, gradual acceleration and steady throttle control will mean that the car isn’t over performing. Don’t over rev the car engine as this will cause it to burn fuel unnecessarily resulting in you wasting money.

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MOT Servicing

MOT Servicing

MOT stands for the Ministry Of Transport. These tests must be done for each car on the road. It is a legal requirement and must be renewed on an annual basis.

New technology in road cameras can now scan your vehicle and see if you have a valid MOT certificate.

If you’re in need of a MOT in Luton then we can help you, so book your MOT test with us today!


Why is it important to get a MOT test?

Legalise the vehicle

From having your car MOT tested it allows you to receive a MOT certificate. This is a legal certificate that is required by every car. If you own a car and are driving it, it must be tested. Not getting it checked can lead to you having a large fine and your car can also be seized. However, from having your car tested and passing your MOT means that you are enabled to get insurance. This is also a legal requirement. Driving without insurance can also result in your car being seized. If your vehicle needs a MOT test, our garage in Luton will give you an in-depth MOT service and ensure your car is legal to drive.    

Keep the car safe

Aside from the legal aspects of the service, a MOT can also bring up any issues or potential issues in the car. A mechanic in Luton will do a thorough examination of the car and ensure all parts are functioning correctly. If the mechanic spots any areas that need repair, then they will fix it for you with your permission. This will ensure that your car is up-to-date and safe from any future problems. An annual MOT service will not only keep the vehicle legal but will keep you safe and save you money. By having the service, potential issues will be solved before they become a larger and more expensive problem.

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What is DPF Removal?

What is DPF Removal?

DPF Removal or DPF Delete is the process of actually removing the DPF out of a vehicle and since 2014 has been an off-road solution only. The reason for this is, so it complies with air pollution regulations.


Effects on the MOT


DPF removal can result in your vehicle failing it’s MOT. During the MOT the vehicle is visually inspected for the presence of the DPF, if the DPF is seen to be absent, then the vehicle will fail its MOT due to the regulations. If your vehicle is intended for off-road use, then this is not a problem.




A DPF removal improves the vehicle’s performance, power and fuel economy. The reason why most people go through the removal is it saves them a large amount of money on having the DPF replaced.


Problems that may lead to needing a DPF removal


The problems with the DPF are caused when soot and ash block the DPF and cannot be burned off. Failing to sort these problems can lead to damage to the filtration device.


Other solutions


Other solutions that are alternative to DPF removal are cleaning, restoration and even a replacement DPF.


For any more information on DPF Removal in Luton or other DPF services, then please feel free to contact GB Autotech.

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What is ECU Remapping?

What Is ECU Remapping?

ECU Remapping stands for Engine Control Unit Remapping; it is also quite often referred to as chip remapping. Its purpose is to increase your engine’s performance allowing for a greater increase in power and torque. Another added benefit is that your fuel economy and engine responsiveness improves. It normally takes around an hour to and hour and a half to complete.




When coming to resell a vehicle that has been remapped it is important to consider that the price that you can sell the vehicle for can be affected. There is also the possibility that your engine could be damaged due to improper remapping. By taking your vehicle to an experienced professional these risks are reduced, so it’s a personal opinion of whether the benefits outweigh the risks.


How much does it cost?


Price will depend on the level of power in which you decide to go for; it will usually be in the range of £200-£500. There are different variations of maps you can get, depending on your needs.


How does it work?


ECU Remapping works on the principle that a car’s manufacturer has tuned the vehicle to a standard with wide-range tolerance, they can then be recalibrated to be more accurate. Temperature, fuel delivery rate and engine load can now be precisely managed, resulting in a vehicle that has a reduced margin of error and is significantly improved and precise. There will be an increase in performance with up to 50% increase in torque and 30% in bhp.


ECU Remapping means you will need to use high-performance fuels and your car will be required to be serviced on a more regular basis. Some of the car’s components may wear out faster which would mean you will be required to change them more regular.


If you feel you may be interested in ECU Remapping in Luton or want to know some more information, then please get in contact with GB Autotech.