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Looking After Your Car’s Engine

Looking After Your Car’s Engine

Cars are a saving grace sometimes. They help us get from one place to another!

Occasionally, cars need some tender loving care. A mechanic in Luton will look at your car to make sure that it is working as it should, or if it needs anything fixed.


Fill Up with The Correct Fuel

This may sound stupid, but it’s easily done. Filling up your engine with the wrong fuel can have negative effects on the fuel system, especially if not dealt with appropriately. A combination of fuels such as petrol and diesel can contaminate the entire system. The mix reduces lubricant and if you turn your engine on it will then circulate the mix throughout the engine, causing further contamination.


Don’t Leave it too Late to Fill Up

Leaving it too late to refuel your car can have effects on the engine. As we drive our cars around, sediment begins to build up at the bottom of the engine over time. Letting the tank get too low will result in that sediment being filtered through the engine, potentially damaging it.


Stay on Top of Warning Lights

As soon as warning lights appear on the dashboard in your car, be sure to get them checked out! This may sound obvious; however, they often get ignored. Ignoring them can potentially result in your vehicle being damaged further. The main light to get checked out is your ‘check engine light’. Should this light come on, be sure to get it checked out to ensure nothing’s wrong.  


Be Aware of Leaks

Leaks are never a good thing. Ensure that you look out for unusual smells or visual leaks. There are commonly six fluids that can leak from your vehicle. They are the engine oil, transmission fluids, brake fluid, water, coolant and power steering fluid. Should you notice any leak, it can be beneficial to get it checked out to prevent damage to your vehicle. If you see a leak, car servicing in Luton will be able to help as their professional mechanics will find the cause and stop it from reoccurring.


Change The Oil and Filter

The oil in the car keeps engine parts well lubricated causing them to work efficiently and stop them from overheating. It is suggested that you change your oil around every 5,000 miles. Your car’s manual is likely to hold information about how regularly you should change your oil and the filter. When changing the oil, it’s recommended that you also change the oil filter. The filter collects dirt and debris and over time will begin to block. Changing the oil and filter at the same time will allow the engine to run smoothly and keep it cool.

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