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What is Included in a Car Service?

What Is Included In A Car Service?

Car servicing in Luton do a thorough service that covers every aspect of the car. By covering all areas, it allows the mechanic to be clear on whether the car is safe for road use. You should have your vehicle serviced on an annual basis just to ensure that all concepts of the engine are functional.


In a full service, the entire car is checked and its categorised into eleven sections.



Within the engine, there are multiple areas that the mechanic needs to look at. They’ll look at the oil (check it’s not leaking), the coolant (check it’s sealed and not leaking), check the radiator works and all filters are clean. In petrol engines, the spark plugs are often replaced.



Check the fuel cap seals, replace the fuel filter and ensure that the fuel lines are shown and visible.  


Drive System

The mechanic will make sure that the clutch and gearbox are working and fluids will be topped up if necessary.  



The horn is checked along with exterior and dashboard lights, after this a mechanic will inspect the effectiveness of the starter motor.  


Steering and Suspension

Ensure that the steering and suspension work efficiently and isn’t corroding. Look at the wheel bearings and do a shock absorber bounce test.



Look at the exhaust system and make sure that all components are present and that there are no leaks, unnecessary noises or excessive amounts of smoke.



Inspection of brake pads and callipers, the hydraulic system and pipes to make sure they are no leaks. The mechanic will do tests on the security of the handbrake and top up brake fluid should it be required.


Tyres and Wheels

The mechanic will look at the tread depth, tyre size, pressure and tyre balance. All this will be done for the spare tyre too, ensuring it’s in working condition for an emergency.



The front and rear windscreens are checked for chips, and to make sure the wipers work, and the cleaning fluid is topped up. Mirrors and number plates are looked at as well to make sure they can be seen clearly.



A mechanic will check the seat belts fasten properly and their emergency lock kicks in when necessary. The doors will also be looked at to ensure that the hinges are properly lubricated, and the doors lock when required.



Road tests will be carried out, and finally, the service light is reset so that it can indicate a service again in a year.


Garage in Luton will do a professional service of the car and should anything need repairing it’ll be fixed to ensure optimum road safety.

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