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Making Your Car Your Own

Making Your Car Your Own

Getting a new car is always so exciting as it’s something new to play with and show your friends and family. Once it’s yours, you are going to want to make it your own and personalise it in any way you can.

If you want to get some upgrades to your engine, then a mechanic in Luton will offer you a professional service and remap your car. Giving your vehicle a stronger performance and more power.



Window tinting is one of the most popular upgrades to do to a car. It offers more privacy and an increased amount of security. It isn’t overly expensive to have done and will make your car feel more like your own.



Found the perfect car for you but don’t like the colour? Not a problem, wrap it! Wrapping your vehicle will protect the original paintwork from scratches. As the wrap is temporary, it will keep the original paint underneath allowing it to be perfect for resale, should you sell it on in the future.



A remap will allow your car to drive a lot smoother. It will increase the power of the car and will improve your miles per gallon further improving your fuel efficiency. Similarly to a wrap, a remap is not permanent and can be taken off if the original file has been kept. Therefore, if you want to boost the performance of your car, then car remapping in Luton have trained professionals who will remap your car, making it more efficient.


New Tyres

When you buy a new car, you want to make sure that everything is working to the best of its ability. Often this can require getting new tyres for the feel of it all being new. New tyres will be significantly more grippy than older ones however they can be quite pricey.  



Don’t forget the inside of the car! Get seats for the car that will both suit your personality and suit the car’s design/style. Making the car, your own will make it more identifiable and will offer you the chance to own a car you have always wanted.


Personalised Number Plate

Got your eye on a number plate you like? Register your car to a new number plate and have the vehicle that you’ve always dreamed of. Making your car perfect from interior to exterior.



Some cars don’t have the best quality speakers but luckily they are easy to upgrade should you want to. Get high quality speakers that will give you a much clearer sound when you are listening to your favourite songs.