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MOT Failures

MOT Failures

Cars are required to go for an MOT test annually to ensure that it’s safe for the road. However, often a car will fail its MOT and leave the owner confused as to what to do next. The process is simple, and an MOT in Luton will be able to service your car and talk you through any complications if necessary.


What To Do if Your Car Fails its MOT

The whole MOT process is to check how your vehicle is doing and ensure that the car is operating correctly. An MOT test will exclude the inspection of the engine, clutch and the gearbox. This is because an MOT isn’t a car service and therefore doesn’t check its mechanical condition. The MOT is only concerned about the fundamentals in the car such as the lights, exhaust and tyres.


Five of the most common MOT failures are listed below.  


Common failures:

  • Lights – Headlights, Brake Lights, Reverse Lights, Indicators
  • Tyre Tread Depth
  • Exhaust System
  • Mirrors
  • Windscreen Wipers


These are the most common failures as they are the most likely to break. Each can be very dangerous if not working properly. For example, broken windscreen wipers will result in your view being restricted if it’s raining.    


Once your car has been looked at the engineer will then inform you about your vehicle and if there is anything that is wrong with it. In the unfortunate circumstance that something isn’t working as it should in your vehicle, then the engineer will let you know after inspection and ask your permission to fix it.   

You will not be able to drive the car until the issues have been fixed otherwise it will be illegal to have on the roads.  

Once the failed areas have been fixed, it is a good idea to book a retest as soon as you can. This will enable you to know that your car is fully legal to drive and there’s nothing more that needs fixing.  


If you are looking for a car service after your MOT, then car servicing in Luton will examine your vehicle and let you know if it’s operating as it should or if it needs a bit of repair.

Get in touch with us today to book your MOT and car service!

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MOT Servicing

MOT Servicing

MOT stands for the Ministry Of Transport. These tests must be done for each car on the road. It is a legal requirement and must be renewed on an annual basis.

New technology in road cameras can now scan your vehicle and see if you have a valid MOT certificate.

If you’re in need of a MOT in Luton then we can help you, so book your MOT test with us today!


Why is it important to get a MOT test?

Legalise the vehicle

From having your car MOT tested it allows you to receive a MOT certificate. This is a legal certificate that is required by every car. If you own a car and are driving it, it must be tested. Not getting it checked can lead to you having a large fine and your car can also be seized. However, from having your car tested and passing your MOT means that you are enabled to get insurance. This is also a legal requirement. Driving without insurance can also result in your car being seized. If your vehicle needs a MOT test, our garage in Luton will give you an in-depth MOT service and ensure your car is legal to drive.    

Keep the car safe

Aside from the legal aspects of the service, a MOT can also bring up any issues or potential issues in the car. A mechanic in Luton will do a thorough examination of the car and ensure all parts are functioning correctly. If the mechanic spots any areas that need repair, then they will fix it for you with your permission. This will ensure that your car is up-to-date and safe from any future problems. An annual MOT service will not only keep the vehicle legal but will keep you safe and save you money. By having the service, potential issues will be solved before they become a larger and more expensive problem.

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What is DPF Removal?

What is DPF Removal?

DPF Removal or DPF Delete is the process of actually removing the DPF out of a vehicle and since 2014 has been an off-road solution only. The reason for this is, so it complies with air pollution regulations.


Effects on the MOT


DPF removal can result in your vehicle failing it’s MOT. During the MOT the vehicle is visually inspected for the presence of the DPF, if the DPF is seen to be absent, then the vehicle will fail its MOT due to the regulations. If your vehicle is intended for off-road use, then this is not a problem.




A DPF removal improves the vehicle’s performance, power and fuel economy. The reason why most people go through the removal is it saves them a large amount of money on having the DPF replaced.


Problems that may lead to needing a DPF removal


The problems with the DPF are caused when soot and ash block the DPF and cannot be burned off. Failing to sort these problems can lead to damage to the filtration device.


Other solutions


Other solutions that are alternative to DPF removal are cleaning, restoration and even a replacement DPF.


For any more information on DPF Removal in Luton or other DPF services, then please feel free to contact GB Autotech.