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What is Included in a Car Service?

What Is Included In A Car Service?

Car servicing in Luton do a thorough service that covers every aspect of the car. By covering all areas, it allows the mechanic to be clear on whether the car is safe for road use. You should have your vehicle serviced on an annual basis just to ensure that all concepts of the engine are functional.


In a full service, the entire car is checked and its categorised into eleven sections.



Within the engine, there are multiple areas that the mechanic needs to look at. They’ll look at the oil (check it’s not leaking), the coolant (check it’s sealed and not leaking), check the radiator works and all filters are clean. In petrol engines, the spark plugs are often replaced.



Check the fuel cap seals, replace the fuel filter and ensure that the fuel lines are shown and visible.  


Drive System

The mechanic will make sure that the clutch and gearbox are working and fluids will be topped up if necessary.  



The horn is checked along with exterior and dashboard lights, after this a mechanic will inspect the effectiveness of the starter motor.  


Steering and Suspension

Ensure that the steering and suspension work efficiently and isn’t corroding. Look at the wheel bearings and do a shock absorber bounce test.



Look at the exhaust system and make sure that all components are present and that there are no leaks, unnecessary noises or excessive amounts of smoke.



Inspection of brake pads and callipers, the hydraulic system and pipes to make sure they are no leaks. The mechanic will do tests on the security of the handbrake and top up brake fluid should it be required.


Tyres and Wheels

The mechanic will look at the tread depth, tyre size, pressure and tyre balance. All this will be done for the spare tyre too, ensuring it’s in working condition for an emergency.



The front and rear windscreens are checked for chips, and to make sure the wipers work, and the cleaning fluid is topped up. Mirrors and number plates are looked at as well to make sure they can be seen clearly.



A mechanic will check the seat belts fasten properly and their emergency lock kicks in when necessary. The doors will also be looked at to ensure that the hinges are properly lubricated, and the doors lock when required.



Road tests will be carried out, and finally, the service light is reset so that it can indicate a service again in a year.


Garage in Luton will do a professional service of the car and should anything need repairing it’ll be fixed to ensure optimum road safety.

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MOT Servicing

MOT Servicing

MOT stands for the Ministry Of Transport. These tests must be done for each car on the road. It is a legal requirement and must be renewed on an annual basis.

New technology in road cameras can now scan your vehicle and see if you have a valid MOT certificate.

If you’re in need of a MOT in Luton then we can help you, so book your MOT test with us today!


Why is it important to get a MOT test?

Legalise the vehicle

From having your car MOT tested it allows you to receive a MOT certificate. This is a legal certificate that is required by every car. If you own a car and are driving it, it must be tested. Not getting it checked can lead to you having a large fine and your car can also be seized. However, from having your car tested and passing your MOT means that you are enabled to get insurance. This is also a legal requirement. Driving without insurance can also result in your car being seized. If your vehicle needs a MOT test, our garage in Luton will give you an in-depth MOT service and ensure your car is legal to drive.    

Keep the car safe

Aside from the legal aspects of the service, a MOT can also bring up any issues or potential issues in the car. A mechanic in Luton will do a thorough examination of the car and ensure all parts are functioning correctly. If the mechanic spots any areas that need repair, then they will fix it for you with your permission. This will ensure that your car is up-to-date and safe from any future problems. An annual MOT service will not only keep the vehicle legal but will keep you safe and save you money. By having the service, potential issues will be solved before they become a larger and more expensive problem.

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What to Look For in a Good Garage

What To Look For In A Good Garage

Whether you are experiencing a minor problem with your vehicle, or one that is more serious, you may want to know how to choose the right garage or mechanic. There is no single rule of thumb to follow, but here are a few simple factors to bear in mind that may help you in your selection.

Find A Garage Local to You

There’s no sense in having to take your motor to a garage in a location that is inconvenient. There will be plenty of garages in your local area to choose from, so look for one that is local and easy to get to. Otherwise, you may wish to contact the garage directly and ask whether they offer a shuttle service or where the nearest bus-stop is.


Another good point to bear in mind is that smaller local garages can be more reasonably priced than bigger ones. This is because they don’t have to account for expensive outlays such as a flashy garage. A word of warning though, if you are particularly worried about any damage to your vehicle, you may want to check the garage beforehand to ensure they are used to dealing with very valuable cars.

Ask Around

A great way of getting the very best advice is to ask family and friends what they think. If the garage you choose comes recommended, you will know that it is trustworthy and tried and tested by your nearest and dearest.

Look Online

Reviews and testimonials online can be a useful guide in helping you choose a good garage. You should avoid focussing on a single review or basing your decision on one comment, as the internet is notorious for being an unreliable judge.

Give the Garage a Try

The best and most foolproof method of ensuring you choose the right garage for you is to give it a try. As long as you’ve done your homework and spoken to the mechanics to gauge whether you can communicate with them effectively, you will soon find out if you’ve selected the right one. It is always a good idea to speak to a mechanic at the garage before you book your vehicle service to discuss pricing and go over the details.
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