5 Points to Look at When Getting Insurance

5 Points To Look At When Getting Insurance

Sorting out your insurance will allow you to drive your car safely and legally. If you are unsure of the model of your car or whether it has been remapped then a mechanic in Luton will be able to assist and give you as much information as they can.


Know Your Mileage

When you get insurance, you need to look at the how many miles you do. This will enable you to work out how many miles you’re likely to do in a week – including small trips to school, work or the shops. Once you have the weekly mileage, multiply it by 4 to get the monthly mileage and the by 12 to get your estimated year mileage. Having a clear understanding of how many miles you’re likely to do will help with your insurance – the more miles you do, the more expensive it will be.


Reasons for Driving

Understanding your reasons for driving will give you an idea of how much your insurance will be. The further you travel (therefore, the more miles you do), the more expensive your insurance is likely to be. Your reasons may be commuting, business trips/meetings or school trips.  


Drivers on The Insurance

You may find it beneficial to take into account who is going to be driving the car. Bear in mind each driver and understand if they’ve had previous claims, if they have, then the insurance will be more expensive with them on it. As well as who will be on it, it helps to state who the main driver will be. The main driver will be the person who is using the car the most often.


Previous Claims and Convictions

It’ll be to your advantage if you tell the insurance company if you have had any previous convictions or if you have claimed on the insurance before. Lying about your claims or convictions can get you in trouble, so it’s best, to be honest. The claims and convictions will just help the insurance company work out the coverage best suited for you.

Modification to Your Car

If you have played around with your vehicle and made it your own, you may benefit from informing the insurance company. This can include things such as tinting the windows, painting the car or engine changes. If you have your vehicle remapped, it is best to inform the insurance company. However, if you haven’t had it remapped and want to get it done then ECU remapping in Luton will be able to help and professionally remap your car.