Caring For Your Car This Winter

Caring For Your Car This Winter

Just like us, car’s need looking after during Winter. As the days and nights get colder, it can have effects on your vehicle. The battery may struggle and occasionally may need to be jump started. Your windscreen is also likely to freeze over each morning. If you find that your car is struggling as the weather gets colder, then car servicing in Luton can help! They have experienced mechanics who will service your vehicle to ensure that all aspects of it work properly.


Have Grippy Tyres

Tyres are very grippy, in particular on dry roads. However, as the weather gets damper and the temperature drops, the roads become very slippy. If your tyres are well-used and worn out, then you may benefit from having them replaced. This will improve the safety of the car and the safety of others.


Get Brakes Checked

As Winter approaches, slippy roads are going to become more common. Make sure that your brakes pads aren’t worn out and that they are working efficiently. A professional mechanic in Luton will check your car’s brakes and let you know if they need replacing or if they’re safe.


Carry Antifreeze and an Ice Scraper

If you’re an early riser, a frozen windscreen will be no surprise to you. Cold weather causes moisture to freeze across the windows on your car, impairing your vision. During Winter, you may find that you benefit from having antifreeze and an ice scraper in your vehicle; allowing you to see clearly before you drive.   


Checks Lights

Lights are an all year round essential; you can’t pass your MOT if you don’t have fully functioning lights. However, in the Winter when the days get darker sooner, and weather conditions are worse than summer, it is essential to ensure your car’s lights are working properly.


Learn How to Jump-Start The Engine

Knowing how to jump-start the engine in a car is a life skill. You never know when you will be needed to jump-start your engine or someone else’s. In the Winter when the weather is colder, it is more likely that you will be required to jump start your car. Some engine’s struggle in cold weather and often need a boost.

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