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How to Improve your MPG

How To Improve Your MPG

Having a high miles per gallon is so much better for your car, and it allows you to save a significant amount of money on fuel, making your car more efficient! There are physical things you can do to your vehicle that will improve the MPG. Car remapping in Luton will tune your vehicle to make it more energy and economically efficient.

Lighten the Load

A heavy car will weigh it down resulting in the car having to work harder in order to reach the required speeds. If it has to work harder, it uses up a lot of fuel unnecessarily. A way around this would be to remove any irrelevant and unneeded items from your car.     


Properly Inflate Tyres

Ensure that your tyre pressure is correct and if you think the car feels a bit different, get your tyres checked again. Under-inflated tyres will result in the engine needing to use more fuel to allow it to move. Being under-inflated by ten psi per tyre can significantly lower your mpg. 


Use Cruise Control

Cruise control is a wonderful little gadget in some modern cars that allows you to pick a maximum speed. With cruise control on, it won’t allow you to exceed that speed no matter how much you push the accelerator. Cruise control will help you keep a steady speed, avoiding any random accelerations and reduce excessive fuel consumption.  


Check the Condition of the Engine Air Filter

When driving, dust from the road can be picked up and will start clogging up the engines air filter. With the filter having dust build up it will reduce the efficiency of the car further requiring it to work harder than usual. Avoid dusty roads and monitor the filter to keep it clean and maintain the car running smoothly. If you want to make sure that your engine’s air filter is clean, book in with a mechanic in Luton to check it out.


Try to Avoid Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a luxury in the summer however it can also be quite expensive. Using the air conditioning will cool down your car efficiently, but it will use up a fair amount of fuel due to it having to work harder to produce cold air. Take this into account when you’re driving in hot seasons, think if you’re driving at high speeds maybe have the windows down, so the car doesn’t have to work as hard.


Accelerate Smoothly

Smooth, gradual acceleration and steady throttle control will mean that the car isn’t over performing. Don’t over rev the car engine as this will cause it to burn fuel unnecessarily resulting in you wasting money.

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MOT Servicing

MOT Servicing

MOT stands for the Ministry Of Transport. These tests must be done for each car on the road. It is a legal requirement and must be renewed on an annual basis.

New technology in road cameras can now scan your vehicle and see if you have a valid MOT certificate.

If you’re in need of a MOT in Luton then we can help you, so book your MOT test with us today!


Why is it important to get a MOT test?

Legalise the vehicle

From having your car MOT tested it allows you to receive a MOT certificate. This is a legal certificate that is required by every car. If you own a car and are driving it, it must be tested. Not getting it checked can lead to you having a large fine and your car can also be seized. However, from having your car tested and passing your MOT means that you are enabled to get insurance. This is also a legal requirement. Driving without insurance can also result in your car being seized. If your vehicle needs a MOT test, our garage in Luton will give you an in-depth MOT service and ensure your car is legal to drive.    

Keep the car safe

Aside from the legal aspects of the service, a MOT can also bring up any issues or potential issues in the car. A mechanic in Luton will do a thorough examination of the car and ensure all parts are functioning correctly. If the mechanic spots any areas that need repair, then they will fix it for you with your permission. This will ensure that your car is up-to-date and safe from any future problems. An annual MOT service will not only keep the vehicle legal but will keep you safe and save you money. By having the service, potential issues will be solved before they become a larger and more expensive problem.